I'm 21 years old, and I didn't have the math and data to form a true conclusion. Maybe it sees time differently. Also, I wonder about God saying that everything was "very good" on the sixth day when this probably would have been blessing millions of years of animal suffering, disease, and death. The text says "there was evening and morning Day One The dinosaurs were experiencing "thousand of generations," which is a "few days" from the Torah's perspective in Genesis. If you were living on the Sun, your heart would beat more slowly.
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Nachmanides has made a phenomenal statement. It can only be believed in if you ignore the majority of observations, because it's different almost wherever you look. The Rebbe taught us long ago, halacha should be taught with love, not with forced contracts. For me, this episode made me more determined in the long journey to take back control over my life and my child, earn a degree, save money, get a drivers license, find a good school for my son. If this landfill regulation gets revamped, home remodeling costs in Minn. Actually there are many letters from the Rebbe that tell us to look at the way a bais yakov girl dresses for tznius rules..
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How old is the world? What is the age of the universe?

The Bible also explains how there can be light from very distance stars that were only created a few thousand years ago. Based on some rough calculations, I estimate that the first five "days" should have ended around 50 to million after the beginning and the sixth day would have lasted the remaining billions of years. Schroeder, an audiobook version of your books would be wonderful for those of us who eye sight has faded with the years. Science pins down the appearance of our Sun very accurately to 4. And that does not mean it's expanding into an empty space outside the universe.
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The Bible also explains how there can be light from very distance stars that were only created a few thousand years ago. Nachmanides explains that on Day One, time was created. Try to admit you are not conforming to Chasidishe standard of modesty and make an effort to improve. If I remember it correctly, he says science indicates the sun was not visible from Earth for a long time due to extensive cloud cover, while the later dissipation of that cloud cover coincides with the Genesis time line; he argues that this is consistent with a close reading of the text. A community who boasts its self as the True bearer of Toras HaBal Shem should be the example of what Chasidus does to you and the great affects it has on your Neshomo to other communities. Ive come here today by myself in order for this to happen.
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