It is a sterile liquid that is expelled from the body and is a product of cellular metabolism. Sunday 20th January I thought it was hot until now. Sunday 21st December People with diabetes are more likely to have other types of UI, such as stress incontinence. Frequent and urgent urination Some people with diabetes who regularly have high blood glucose levels may have to urinate too often, also called urinary frequency. The mixture now has a different color and texture.

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I personally KNOW the magical fluid is tears…happy intense vaginal pleasure tears. Yes, porn dramatizes it. Also think about any other possible symptoms you may be experiencing that are related to a major health issue:. The crucial question is wether you or your lover like ut or not, and that will vary. Google searches are bringing up nothing of any substance — I repeat the question asked above. Now that is out of the way let me get down to business i think that pee from the bladder mixes with the female ejaculate from the Skene gland in the bladder and surely it is stored somewhere right the bladder?.

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The hypophyseal hormones are known to affect spermatogenesis, and marijuana may affect semen quality by influencing both this axis and the testis. Reproduction in any form is forbidden. The ejaculate was very clear, and had almost no taste. We therefore studied the association between marijuana use and semen quality and hormone levels among 1, young, healthy, unselected men of whom Get your facts straight..
They are also tasked with making sure that those novel therapies are safe for general consumption. Because I am a strange man, I have collected both these ejaculate samples AND separate urine samples from these three women and tasted them. Abstract A total of 1, young Danish men aged 18—28 years were recruited between and when they attended a compulsory medical examination to determine their fitness for military service. Daniel ngozi August 27, This most certainly has nothing in common with either. A critical evaluation of simple methods for the estimation of free testosterone in serum. Piss sluts Lollypop Alexis Crystal share cock.

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