Certainly an original plot for Star Trek so far and during the first twenty minutes of the episode the plot is well paced and intelligently constructed. For a complete list of continuity errors, see the problems section. Once he finds crewman Green's body, he immediately alerts the ship. Spock's many commendations include: At about 32 minutes into the episode Korby proposes seeding androids incognito to Earth and its colonies in secret as a means to avoid what he believes would be mass hysteria if their existence were to be widely known. It would have been nice if the writers had earned Kirk this distinction without it being at the expense of the authenticity of the aliens, but many of Kirk's lines were nevertheless insightful. It's a lot of fun watching Spock handle his first command and getting a chance to see him as fallible just like the rest of us.
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Prime Timeline

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Star Trek Reviews

Even the title of this episode "The Menagerie" is a reference to one of the lines spoken by Pike in The Cage. In a certain sense the story treats both sides of the battle as protagonists. Instead, the entire episode focuses on the plight of the children whose acting performances are insufferably embarrassing to watch. Remarkable Scenes - The revelation that the war on this planet is a computer simulation and that people are executed on each side like some sort of a lethal game. Remarkable Scenes - Spock proposing that the monster might be silicon-based and McCoy's reaction. You'll catch all the important bits of this episode in The Menagerie's retelling of it. I object to intellect without discipline.
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On a related note, Kirk and McCoy debating with each other over whether or not Spock was capable of treachery was a terrific scene and placing the scene just prior to Spock stealing the ship was an excellent counterpoint. A better episode would have allowed the conflict between Kirk and his Gorn counterpart to emerge organically rather than using the super lame super aliens to set up the duel. I might have accepted this if they attempted some kind of explanation, but they don't even try. The reason that small moment is so satisfying is because for whatever reason, Uhura allowed herself to enjoy that small detail in spite of the obvious danger she and her comrades were in. The truth is that no society, not even one as enlightened as the Federation, or United Earth, or whatever they're calling themselves now is going to ignore this kind of power the way our heroes seem to be doing. If Mudd's magic pills were placebos, then why did the appearances of the women so dramatically change after taking them? Why is Spock still able to give testimony after having plead guilty?
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But my favorite enhancement is that they digitally made the Gorn's eyes blink! Likewise, why does the captain's chair aboard the Enterprise have a "Jettison Pod" button right next to the red alert button? The Enterprise visits a colony where indigenous flower spores provide the settlers with peaceful contentment. Factoids - The uniforms and makeup in this episode are slightly different because this was the second episode to actually be produced after The Cage. If you do decide to watch The Menagerie, I recommend skipping The Cage unless you're willing to put up with the clip show to get the additional texture. Perhaps the best part of the story was when the Organians insisted that one day the Klingons and the Federation would become friends and even work together.
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